Cagayan de Oro to Jagna 2014 Oceanjet Promo

March 9, 2014

Cagayan de Oro to Jagna 2014 Oceanjet Promo

Oceanjet is one of the popular means of transportation for passengers bound from Cagayan de Oro to Jagna. It is owned and operated by Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc. (OFFI), a domestic shipping company which is based in Cebu City and operates several fast ferries in the islands of Visayas and Mindanao.

Early this year, our friends who run travel agencies / ticketing sales outlet informed us that they continue to sell Oceanjet tickets for passengers who want to travel from Cagayan de Oro to Jagna. Below are some of the travel details (i.e. Oceanjet regular daily schedules, promos, discounts, packages, free baggage allowance, contact details, etc.) that they shared to us.

2014 Oceanjet Regular Daily Schedule for Cagayan de Oro to Jagna:

Estimated Time of Departure                     Estimated Time of Arrival

1st Trip                                    1:30 PM                                                                                 3:30 PM

2014 Oceanjet Promos and Ticket Regular Prices Sale per Class Accommodation for Cagayan de Oro to Jagna:

Open Air (One Way Regular Fare) – PhP 1,200.00

Tourist Class (One Way Regular Fare) – PhP 1,200.00

Business Class ( One Way Regular Fare) – PhP 1,800.00

One Way Promo for JAG-CAG or Vice Versa

Before Departure Date                          Rate of Ticket

2 Days                                     Php 700.00 (for open-air accommodation)

3 Days                                     Php 800.00 (for tourist class accommodation)

To avail of these 2014 Oceanjet Promos, the passenger can purchase their tickets in Oceanjet ticketing outlets or accredited travel agencies at seven (7) days in advance or prior to the date of actual departure / tour date. Also, please purchase or buy your tickets as early as possible as there are limited seats for all Oceanjet promo fares.

Passengers (i.e. student, minor, senior citizen, etc.) who prefer to avail with the Libre Balik Oceanjet promo, can no longer enjoy of any discount as mandated by law. The promo is substantially cheaper than the discount. However, it is exclusive of terminal Promo tickets are absolutely non-refundable, but it can be revalidated subject to the existing policies and procedures on revalidation provided it is within the promo period.  Likewise, promo tickets are non-re-routable and non-transferable. Do not forget to bring a valid identification card as this is required upon check-in. Oceanjet is imposing a strict “No ID, No Check-in” policy.

Oceanjet’s policy regarding REFUNDS, REVALIDATION AND SURCHARGES: According to Oceanjet’s ticket terms and conditions, they would refund the ticket provided that the unused set of ticket is surrendered to them not later than six (6) months after the date of issuance.

Refund charges and/or assessment shall be as follows: a) If ticket is not yet check-in, 20% surcharge shall be collected; b) If ticket is checked-in, but the vessel not yet departed, 50% surcharge shall be collected; and c) No refund or revalidation of checked-in ticket once the vessel departed. 

Oceanjet FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: Each passenger may bring on board only one (1) hand carried baggage. Weight of hand-carried baggage must not exceed Fifteen (15) kilograms and dimensions must not exceed 25 cm x 35 cm x 40 cm. All other baggages must be checked-in. Baggage unclaimed within sixty (60) days from date of completion voyage shall be disposed of in accordance with law. Carrier reserves the right to charge storage fees for unclaimed baggages.

Oceanjet Discounts for Cagayan de Oro to Jagna:

The following are government-mandated discounts that are applicable to tickets of qualified passengers:

20% Senior Citizen discount

20% Student discount

Discounts for Persons with disabilities

Discounts for minors

Nevertheless, please note that these Oceanjet promos, discounts, packages, regular daily schedules are ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

For more details please contact Oceanjet directly at the following:

Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.

Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area, Cebu City

Contact Phone +63 (32) 255 7560

Fax +63 (32) 255 0115

SMART Mobile Phone / Cellular Phone Number:  0918-898-2188

SUN Mobile Phone / Cellular Phone Number:  0922-857-5500

GLOBE Mobile Phone / Cellular Phone Number:  0917-638-0000



Jagna,Bohol Office

Jagna Port, Jagna Bohol, Philippines

+63(32)255 7560

+63(32)255 0115

Cagayan de Oro Office

Pier Area Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

+63(32)255 7560

+63(32)255 0115

Disclaimer: Our website is not in any way connected or affiliated with Oceanjet and/or Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc. or Oceanjet or any of its schedules or promos or prices or discounts or packages. If you have any inquiries or should any of the information found above be erroneous please leave a message below so we could correct it. Thank you and God bless you always!


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